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GAMEDEV: June 17 - June 19
VOTING: June 19 - June 23

Link to Itch.io Page
What the frick is this?

The JUNEJAM game jam is a 48 hour long game making extravaganza.
Come join in the fun and kick the summer off right by staying indoors in front of a computer making a video game! Although I guess you could take your computer outside somewhere too, if that's your thing. Anyways, let's create video games!!
After the game dev phase, there will also be a 72 hour voting phase where people can enjoy your games and then vote.

Votes will be based on gameplay, presentation, and how well it sticks to the theme/limitations. On the date of the competition the theme / limitation will be announced.
There will be some kind of video gamey prize on offer for the winner, too!
The Rules:
• Use what you feel comfortable with
Whether it's X86 assembly, Unity, HTML5, or GB Studio, all are welcome. It's encouraged to use a tool that can export out to as many platforms as possible.

• Work as a team or go solo
If you're really good at one area of game development but need help in others feel free to reach out and partner up. You can find partners on our discord, irc, forums, or on the community page on here.

• Try to make assets within the time frame
You're welcome to reuse small things from other projects, but try to make most of the art sound and music during the time frame.

• Stick to the the theme / limitation
Games are scored based on how well they stick to the theme / limitation. So try to keep them as part of your design.

• Content warning
Anything that's NSFW or overly violent in nature must be fully disclosed beforehand. We don't want people to walk into anything too brain shattering please.

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I'm available to do music for the October gamejam