Hello Yes hello my name is Wyatt and I like RPG Maker (Read 92 times)

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Hi I just found out this place exists still hello

So my name was Wyatt? Apparently I had posts here? I don't know in what capacity I existed.

So back in 2008 I was roaming RPG Maker forums participating in much forum wars, as was the fashion at the time. I just remember that rmxp.org really, really, really wanted to be GamingW. Lived and breathed GamingW. Staff forums were like, are we GamingW yet? When is the Mainsite coming so we can be GamingW? How can we be more GamingW?

And then we became GamingW and the site died?

But yeah that's still going, it had a couple of posts this year which is nice, I might get around to reading them soon idk

But yeah.


So I mostly hang around at RMN nowadays, I don't know how that happened.

I also grew tiddies?

But yes. Hello.

Oh and yeah game making and stuff I finally finished some games last year and they are totally playable https://www.arpgmaker.com/resources/categories/completed-games.13/?prefix_id=3

Edit to add: yeah my name is Ellie now not Wyatt

Which was a role play name from Battleon

Because I was 13

Deal with it
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Welcome to our severely aged / decrepit / bot infested forums. :)
I think Ragnar and I are the only other ones that really post on here atm, so it's nice to have someone else making some noise around here. 
Dada is in the process of fixing up / upgrading things now, so sorry if some things are broken atm. 

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Cool cool

I had much luck switching to Xenforo if you had the time and patience. Went from phpBB3 though.
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