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Hello y'all, my name is Dosmaen.

Glad to be back posting here. I started posting in the early 2000s but I don't really remember my first sign in date. Went by fantomcrono, dosmaen, #1internetfun, and the bloody ghoast. Most of my post history is gone, so consider yourself lucky that it's no longer here. I was also part of the targ crew. I have made a few crappy lil games here and there but nothing really substantial yet.

I've been working with Madolah and Dada on reestablishing things and managing the myriad of social accounts as well as dealing with the occasional spambot here. I also have hosted a few successful gamejams over on itch.io for the GW community and we're also working on wrapping up the final chapter of the new GW Chain Game.

You can expect me to write random articles / posts, do some gamedev stuff, set up community streams and more!

GW and the people here inspired me to get into a lot of music / creative hobbies that I would have never bothered to even try otherwise.

Thanks x1,000,000 dada for getting this set up. Much appreciated!