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General Forum Rules and Guidelines


Please make sure to read through these rules in order to keep the forums enjoyable for everyone!

* Double posting is only allowed if a full day has passed or if there is a substantial new update. Even if you do bump a post, please add something meaningful to the conversation. If you need to add more to a smaller post, please feel free to use the edit feature to add more stuff. :cool2:
* Be friendly and welcoming to new / old members. We want to make this community be a chill place for everyone.
* No flaming or needlessly bashing folks.
* No spam or spammy messages, this would be like a post saying “hey check out this cool website” without any other context or background. At least explain in detail why the website is cool.
* Promoting your project is okay. Please make sure to make a thread in the appropriate category in the forums and only post it one time.
* Constructive criticism is welcome when commenting on someone's project, but if you're going to say something looks bad or you don't like something at least explain how they can improve.
* No hate speech of any kind. No homophobic, racist, or otherwise slurs. Not acceptable in any way.
Other Resources

If you're wanting to know what all options you have for tags / formatting, please feel free to review this document: (click here)

If you encounter any sort of issue, please contact dada, dosmaen or Madolah and we will respond to you as soon as we're able!

For more instant help please go to our IRC Channel #gamingw on or you can go here to access it directly from the web. Type in a username and #gamingw for the channel and you're good to go.

Any feedback on these rules is welcome.


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