Dev - RM2k3 GW Chaingame 2: The C.L.O.W.N. Saga (Read 14 times)

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GW Chaingame 2: The Clown Saga

Engine: RM2k3

We’re starting from square one since there were a lot of issues getting this off the ground last time. Let’s give it another go now that the previous chaingame is finished!


1.) No AI-generated stuff, not wanting to get into a debate over this but it is what caused a problem last time and I’d just like to try and avoid it.
2.) Puzzles are a-okay but keep the difficulty down to a minimum or at least give people an option to skip them if they fail a certain amount of times.
3.) No overly on-screen visual sexual depictions. Like, making a joke about finding a hentai magazine is okay and subtle innuendo is fine. We want to make it so that everyone can enjoy the game.
4.) I’m not going to be too harsh on a time limit. It took a bit longer to get things done last time but I think it was worth it and because we removed the time constraints in the end I think it resulted in those portions of the last chaingame being better.
5.) Please communicate with me, it’s okay if you need to drop out but just let us know! That way we can make alternative plans.

Current Roster:

1.) paperjack
3.) Dosmaen
4.) EpsilonEagle
5.) PianoTM
6.) Riggy2k3
7.) OzzyTheOne


In a strange world where humor has been outlawed, one man (Garfunkle) with clown ancestry is destined to repair it. Dive into the mysteries of the C.L.O.W.N. saga and uncover the mysteries of long-lost jokes.
Meet strange folks and bring laughter and joy to a world shrouded in darkness.

Time Length

Each person will be given around a month of time to work on their section of the game, as two weeks seemed like too short a time frame last go around. The length of each section doesn’t need to be that long. At the bare minimum, I’m thinking about 30 minutes for each section of the game.


Assets should be either public domain (opengameart or has some good stuff to use), you have the rights to it, or should be made by yourself / a talented friend / loved one. No FF4 / Super Mario Rips. And, for this game please do not use AI Art / Assets.

REFMAP: Tilesets and Character Sets
FinalBossBlues - Tons of great graphical resources  — Some free and some paid. — Art of different kinds that you are free to use in your games.


It’s important that we communicate with each other when working on this game. For example, if a life even happens let us know and we can either give you more time or switch out for a backup.

Feel free to reach out to the person who worked on the chapter before you if you have questions about how a particular game mechanic works as well.


Instead of doing save points, I’m just going to make it so that you can save anywhere. You can disable the menu / save during cutscenes if you would like. But for the most part it should just be turned on and available.


Combat is not a requirement. If you do put monsters in, try to make them balanced. I’m also going to put in an easy mode at max level for those who wish to avoid being murdered in random encounters. You could also just make your section a really long cutscene or a series of minigames. It’s totally up to you.


There’s no real requirements as far as story goes.

The foundation of the story will start from whatever the first person decides to do and then branch out from there.

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I could maybe work on music, but I would have to learn how to do Mixolydian mode or something, whichever's the goofy one. I do know how to use the whole tone scale which is pretty goofy as well but kind of spooky

I'm getting some wisdom teeth removed today which will make me not in the mood to work on music for a while, but I guess I could mess with something after that!
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