Idea GamingW QUARTERLY - Q1 - TILT (Read 10 times)

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Yup, TILT.  Take that how you will, Movement, Cameras, What else can you TILT?
but the premise of TILT must be a leading theme or inspiration point for your game submission to be qualified for a Ranking and to be considered for the prize awarded to winner after voting.

These will be Variously streamed, along with the Finalists and fan favorites being streamed.
If you are streaming yourself during creation, use the tag #GamingW so we can find you!
There will be a $20 Value Steam/Itch game prize for 1st place, and 3 Runner up prizes of random steam game keys, or community made game keys
Please explain how your game fits the theme in its submission definition/ information panels on page.
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