Crazy YAYOOOOOO!!! (pt2) (Read 15 times)

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Hey kiddos...  :fogetinsane: Wo, can't believe this place ios still around... stranger things have happened...

So yea anyway what was I saying? That's right, Gaming World lol... Back Again. So me and Joey are still tight as ever, still up to our old antics, even tho Joey went soft on me... got shackled up, tied the knot, two kids, lame as hell... Anyway...

Lets see, what happened since I left you pricks, lol... Me and Joey finally got sick of being partying "Super Seniors" believe it or not, graduated from the Bright... Actually went out into the Real World and got jobs too, unlike you nerds lol jk... Probably still living in your mommas' basement...

Oh yeah, work. So Joey got a job at some lame ass (jk) online sports betting company, meanwhile I'm working at Barstool Sports, living the time of my life as South Jersey's most eligible bachelor lol. Work's lame as hell tho... even tho I've been working from Home since the pandemic, spend most afternoons on the golf course, got my game down to two under par, basically can do whatever the f*ck I want outside teams calls... boss gets mad as hell if I turn in my analysis late lol... but all in all, life is good. I even got laid at Joey's wedding LOL, f*ck me if I can remember her name tho... lol... anyway...

Fast forward 15 years... I get a ring on my phone, guess who it is... the Dean. He's all pissed of, swearin, saying me and Joey never turned in our senior project LOL. Joke's on him, we actually didnt! But anyways hes saying we never actually Graduated since we got an incomplete, saying he'll call our work and tell them we ain't got a bullshit.

So anyway yea, me and Joey will be doin round robins with the account again, hes gonna be lookin for info on this RM2K3 shit, an I'm gonna be browsin for ideas to finish up our project LOL!

Good to see you guys again tho...
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