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So,"Kinder Cosmic" is a multi-media format series of narratively interwoven stories that draws on a multitude of inspirations to serve as an original method of storytelling that utilizes music paired with my specific style of storytelling and indie artists mostly contracted off of reddit to help me tell it.

The way this is done is that I work with each and everyone of these artists to instill their own identities and artistic style into the imagery and the stories themselves.

Right now it takes the form of this massive collection of short stories, novellas, and books conjoined with the artwork and music to resemble something like a graphic novel.

I've been doing this for awhile, it's pretty fun and through self funding I've managed to get a lil 4k audience.

Figure since this forum is still fledgling  and kinda empty I'd share some of our work here!

Think the best way for me to share it is to just leave examples of what we've done and are doing, for those Interested you can ask away or hit me up anytime and I'll elaborate.

The GIST of it is that "Kinder Cosmic" is world building, it takes place within a universe that very closely mirrors our own then mixes inspirations and commentary of a wide range of subjects to serve as a modern sci-fi commentary on the human condition.

This is Kinder Cosmic's synopsis as if you were reading an intro to the first "book":

"Welcome to the story of a pair of most unlikely and unwilling heroes.

Two very ancient, yet very dysfunctional grey aliens. Alpha and Jorg have a very long history with the Earth and it's wonderfully flawed denizens.

Whether trying to uplift unenlightened tribesmen and failing miserably, causing one infamous interstellar DWI incident, or inadvertently sending a young Terence McKenna on the trip of his life. Try as they might one way or the other our heroes have irrevocably changed the course of mankind time and time again and they will continue to do so.

This is Kinder Cosmic; a sardonic commentary of the human condition from the perspectives of those who are anything but and a most unrequited love story.

They're not the heroes we need. They're not the heroes anyone had asked for. They're the heroes that we deserve."

You can find more examples of the stories and artwork involved with it here:

And here:

Though I'm constantly trying to find better ways to compile and share it.

For now I'm just going to periodically share bits and pieces of my favorites and projects we're currently working on here for any interested.

Also constantly looking to hire out new artists and possibly some web design help in the future to help build a platform for it.
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This is a pretty good example of how "Kinder Cosmic" approaches subjects like gender, feminism, and female empowerment through a secondary perspective.

In a sense it is kind of like building an "alter" or a "tribute" to the traits that the characters themselves value and admire within women.

It's pretty funny and incredibly wholesome.

The artist that created the imagery for it is a lady Brazilian graphic artist that does work for a local podcast.
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This is another one that gives a kind of alternate historical account of the "Stonewall Riots" in Greenwich New York around the 70s.

It's given through one of the character's physical behaviors as the other two kind of witness what he is doing and openly discuss why he behaves the way he does.

It uses an infamous club song known as "The Rhythm Of The Night" by Corona.

Originally written just before the anniversary of the Riots.

(Also incredibly wholesome)
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Been following this for a while, it's a pretty cool concept and I like the artwork that's been made for it.

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Thanks dude! That means alot.

There are alot of things I think we could and I'd really, really like to do with it. Much like the art and some people have asked me through the page. Things like reinterpreting or using more original indie artists and music.

Think I easily could, if I had something solid enough might even help it grow a bit faster.

Usually, when people actually take the time to sit down and look at what I'm doing I get a pretty positive reaction.

Especially with recent media coming out and the conversations we're having as a society right now. For some, "Kinder Cosmic" seems to hit the nail on the head in a really fun and inclusive way most everyone, doesn't really matter who you are can get behind.

Did it alot in alot of different ways but the moment I really saw how consistently it hit home with people was with "This Is The Rhythm Of The Night"

It's really hard for me to explain unless you read it but it has got to be the single celebratory and wholesomest "gay" thing I've seen within alot of media.

Where I just DUMP IT ON in this way that drags you in and it's just really hard not to feel moved by it. Even if it's just through the humor.

Think I said it before but everything, everything I do I bounce off the widest range of people that I possibly can and then use them as a test audience.

Some hit harder than others depending on who you are and how you identify with the subject matter.

I really think MKK or Swordfish might vibe  with it really hard, initially the first artist I worked with on it fit that identity pretty dead on and they loved it.

It's knowing not only the audience I'm talking to but as many as possible can get into it.

I'm still not absolutely sure yet cus it's a numbers game but when I initially shared it I had some 54 y/o CIS conservative male Christians LOVING IT and I STILL don't fully understand why.

Like, the exact same kinda people who would actively hate every single thing about what I was saying and how I was saying it reacted in such a powerful and affirming way.


Initially got those sorts because the story talks about theology, science, spiritualism and religion in a different kind of way that feels really inclusive for them I think or that's what quite a few insinuated.

And I guess when you just have a way of having those conversations through it where all these people feel seen or heard in different ways there's a certain sense of "disarmament" and "community" in it and they just tend to feed off of it in a way

That's initially what I'd set out to do I just didn't think I'd manage to succeed at it or atleast so far I have far more than I ever thought I would. Need bigger numbers to know for sure though.

Right now the guy (think he's from Italy) who did the "Michaelangelo" and "Palnuik inspired piece" called "Introspective Fight Club" is working on another one with a new, darker character I haven't introduced through the short stories yet.

It's a melding of early spaghetti westerns and Native American culture & history through a spacewestern setting that uses a  "Murder By Death" song that's like a cover of an instrumental piece from the orchestrator behind "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly".

I'll share the premise, context behind writing it and his rough draft of the art next. Not sure how busy these forums actually are (everything seems locked out) but I'll give it a lil more time, try not to swamp the topic with posts.

What I'm trying to do (and pretty much have done) is compartmentalize and meal piece together this whole universe that'll be like a Bible for a potential series I could do even more with and build up even better later.

And that's pretty much how we're doing it, everything is fleshed out, premeditated, mostly written out or I'm actually holding off because I've got so damned much at this point and more than could be worked with.

Yet it's not exactly like a comic series like "Invincible" or a Manga like "JJK", each time I go back and take something I've done and we work on it I'll add to it.

Put even more layers behind it like specific cultural references or symbolism tied to the artists themselves or to deepen and widen it's reach across language and cultural barriers.

It's almost like a Marvel/MCU Easter Egg thing where we'll embed these references and deepen the ties that it has to different groups of people.

Where you might see some "Alien" language the characters are using and its actually an old aesthetic Philippine dialect or one of the female characters dressed in a psuedo/traditional garb native to Brazil.

The WHOLE IDEA is to take all of these different characters and these different stories and give artists a means to "run with it" and leave their signature inside the story.

So each time through each artist the artwork or the style might differentiate yet is still essentially the same story.

Almost exactly like you're experiencing this story through their eyes.

Thought behind it is to create something that visually just as much as narratively drags everyone and everything into it like an artistic black hole.

Where you can't help but get behind it and want it to succeed because the more I can do with it the more it's going to evolve and help serve as a voice for the unheard.

My endgame, potentially is to create something like "Starwars" where I can but don't even have to do the writing.

I wanna set up a fairly flexible set of guidelines for what it's meant to be, build the foundation for this universe and the more creative minds I can attract towards it the more original and powerful it'll get.

Something that "Works" in a way that most media as we know it doesn't because THAT'S EXACTLY what it was made to be.

So everything is me trying to build it, trying to create something new and show that not only can it be done but done in a intrinsically powerful way that impacts those that involve themselves with it in a positive manner.

Whether that's through a kind of "therapeutic release" from being a fan or a mode of income and empowerment for artists.

It's already worked, it does and I could without a doubt do so, so, so much better if I had the means but in the meantime it's pretty damned cool I think.
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