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I'm a multimedia molotov of crazy conjecture and creativity, and I often make videos. How often...? Well, that might be easily answered if you look at my youtube statistics, ha ha! Suffice it to say though, if you though a hundred videos, you are only going to be short by about 15x the actual amount.

It genuinely is a sin that I only have 244 subscribers just because I don't repost memes or upload OSTs I didn't create or do something vapid like rwact content, ha ha! But focus! let's not get negative and into the nihilistic depression that is the current social media model. We shall rise above because I'd rather the focus of people who care about my work than the unenlightened masses, anyway.

(Still if you need some funny content creators to sub to, well, my subscribing to me is free and --mostly-- painless!)

So, it's probably not surprising given my prolific nature as a game dev and general multimedia mafia that I have some experience under my belt, but instead of just tooting my own horn without saying anything, I'll let my videos speak for me. In this post I will unveil the Starchaser series, a recent variety of long form story content that tells of my various creative ventures.

Or just reviews a weird mode of a 20 year old game but shhhh
And as a bonus, just 'cause i like you guys, here's the unlisted but very much real sneak preview of the third entry into that series!
I don't know why I decided to use a different voice slant per video but oh well! it gives them character I guess!
Live for only you, live with pride.