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It's been an eternity since I posted my games on here like this, so I'm super rusty, so...

Phantasia VX, is a second remake of the first game I made, but this time all the resources have been completely hand-made by me, with the exception of the sounds, music, and certain cutscenes.

The world of Gaia and its people was nearly destroyed by the God of Death, and his minions. But thanks to the efforts of a savior, the legendary heroes, backed up by those who wished to live, the God of Death was banished to another dimension. Centuries pass since that time, and now a new threat has arisen, as the world is experiencing decay, could it be the God of Death's bane? Or could some new force be behind this?

You take control of Max, who dreams of making a name for himself and abandons his meager life in a rural village, which is on the brink of desertion. But little does he know that his journey for fame will end up changing the fate of Gaia.

This game is another remake of the old rm2k and rm2k3 game, and it's being remade properly and with many fixes to the plot among other things. The project was mostly to help me practice making tiles for future projects, but ended up growing into something more.

The project will also retcon some things that were present in the 2k3 version of the game. But will also try to have more character backstory involved for more of the party members instead of the few that were explored. Plus a more simplified battle system, but with elements being the focus as all games before it has been centered around.

Link to game page:

Currently looking for testers, as the game is nearing completion, the most that still needs to be finished is a couple visual animations and a couple NPC dialog. the rest of the game is more or less completed.
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Love the graphical style you have going, can't wait to give this game a try! :)