Topic: Say it isn't so! (Read 1988 times)

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It's all the fucking amish with their provincial ways and dark age thinking.

But I'm surprised Washington D.C. was so high on the list.  It's got several notable universities including the mostly black (ghetto bootay) University of D.C. and George Washington University which has one of the highest girls over men ratios in the country.  It's also a pretty city.  Granted the roadsigns are tiny as fuck, the streets look like they were designed by an autistic 12 year old, and it happens to be the base of operations for an autistic 12 year old...

Yeah, it's not a bad city.  Natives of the city can't vote but it's still a cool place to be.
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you can get a prostitute anywhere, and just like everywhere else they cost more as the looks and cleanliness increases. You can find'em in personal ads, through "agencies" at certain places of business and corner crack whores in some of the more... "exotic" neighborhoods (the ghetto). But you don't need to buy a whore, you can find'em in any bar in south philly. Their legs fly open at the sound of a bottle opening. If you want to get laid and don't mind fucking a pig then go bar hopping down second street and buy a few drinks. I don't recommend either though.

so do you actually go outside now or are you hearing this from family members
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look guys i know you're all just stroking my dick and kk4 was always a quality member LAY OFF HIM.

now lets discuss his relevant article about a newspaper discovering that a city is full of ugly people.
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We don't really need this topic, do we? Unless someone finds that there is a meaning in discussing a random newspaper article in the "offbeat news" section.