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Ok so I've got Vista Home Basic and it pretty much won't allow me to do anything without first confirming it through two or three stupid dialog boxes. It's too much to keep track of so I'm just going to assume that you know what I'm talking about and ask you to help me get rid of it. I've checked the Security Center but I have no idea how to turn that shit off.

So yeah if anyone knows please tell me.
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Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control on or off -> untick the checkbox -> apply -> enjoy malware and spyware and virii and trojans!

Also read
for more ways of tweaking UAC.
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Considering the fact that I like to rename my files every once in a while that's a risk I'm willing to take.

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Turning that off doesn't mean you'll get viruses and and spyware, it just means idiots will get it easier.
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I'd like to know more about these (to me) mythical problems with Vista popping up messages for extremely minor things. I use Vista Enterprise on my work computer, with UAC on, and I have never gotten a message asking me to confirm renaming a file or double-confirm deleting one. It's perhaps worth noting that the account I use is in the Administrators group. Where are the files that you're renaming? I could understand a warning if they were in a system directory or something, but from the sound of it, you're just trying to rename things in your My Documents folder or desktop.
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Renaming desktop icons, removing start menu items etc. You're probably using a different version.