Microsoft User account issue in Windows XP (Read 624 times)

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I'm asking here because Microsoft wants money for its support. *shakes fist at heavens*

So, I set up password-protected accounts on the family computer, because my brother and sister have been deleting each other's stuff and he tends to install stuff he shouldn't, which pisses my mom off. Hers is the admin account, but no matter what I do, when you restart or boot up the computer, it goes into it, no password required. I tried with the welcome screen on and off, switch user enabled and disabled, and nothing works. The log in screen won't come up. I really need to fix this, because now my brother can wreak havoc in the accounts through the admin. He hates the arrangement, and is pretty vindictive, so please help me out before he does something remarkably stupid.

Logging off before shutting down does nothing, and the issue is not with my brother's account. I just need the log in screen to come up every time the compie gets started up, rather than going into the main admin account, as it currently does.
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Wait, what? It's logging in to the Administrator account even though there are multiple accounts on the system? BTW, is this XP Home or XP Pro?
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Generally, if you have more then one account, it SHOULD go to the logon screen with all the users.
Mayebe, delete all accounts except the admin account, and create them again, but with limited access, and  see if it works. (Windows can save files and settings before deleting so you're good to go)
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try this (but obviously in reverse)

if you feel comfortable poking around in your registry, look at this page:
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