Fruity What's the best way to set up a wireless external HDD? (Read 954 times)

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So hey, I've been thinking about getting an external HDD for music, movies and ISO's and such, and I was also thinking that it would be pretty sweet if I could somehow connect it to both my laptop and stationary computer via a wireless LAN or Bluetooth or something. I want it to automatically connect to my laptop when it's in the room at least, but I'm not really sure how I want to do this.

I guess I could connect the external HDD to my stationary computer and set up a wireless network, but I'd like to be able to turn the computer off without losing access to the HDD with my laptop, so yeah. Got any ideas?

P.S. Note that only the laptop has an internet connection.
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Do you have a wireless router? If you do you could buy a network harddrive and plug it in the router.
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That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Thanks.
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You could get something like this.  If I am reading it correctly, it is essentially a hard drive enclosure that can be plugged into a network and used with file sharing.  They seem a bit pricey though.
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That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Thanks.
It isn't. They're much more expensive than regular (external) HDDs. I suggest getting an old PC, fitting it with some new hard disks, and then just hooking that up to the network. That way you can share the space too.
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