Help hey everyone can i ask you a favor... i need ur help ! ! ! (Read 114 times)

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Hey, i started a gaming forum. Its for general gaming discussion (analyze games, get recommendations, game with other users, gain more knowledge bout gaming, get in the swing of the latest in the gaming world, get help with many many things, have fun, chat, discuss the consoles, ect). TGF stand for "The Gaming Forums", and thats the name of the site. TGF is a great site with cool features, a great community, and in-depth talk about the many aspects of gaming. The problem is, since the site fairly new, i dont have any members atm. so could u do me a favor and plz join, "a forum is only as good as it members", joining will help TGF out a lot. registration is quick and easy, soon enough youll be posting and getting involved with TGF. so plz join my new site, it would be MUCH appreciated, also, if u join, it would be even better if you make a couple posts, and even better if you got involved with the site and posted regularly. if u dont end up joining, the next best thing you could do is give me feedback on why u didnt join so i can improve the site for other (contructive critiscism can be better the actually joining the site).so thankx for ur time. the site is ,if u have ANY questions, comments, ect PLEASE dont hesitate to ask