RPG Idea for CG4, hope I'm not too late. (Read 667 times)

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I have an idea for Chain Game 4 and since we're only on Chapter 1 I'm hopeing this will be considered.

Okay, so I know we aren't using the DBS and want to focus more on gameplay outside of battle and storyline and all that. SO, my idea is a use for money in a non-battle type rpg.

What I was thinking is, we could give the player money in exchange for doing side quests, or collecting certain items, or whatever we think up in our chapters. The money earned would be used in shops to unlock all sorts of secrets and extra things such as hidden mini games, extra cutscenes, better endings, etc. The actual earning methods and rewards would be up to the chapter creators. I am just putting the idea up for discussion so we could all use the system if it's deemed a good idea.

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It's possible. Perhaps the rewards comes at the last chapter and you can unlock special features after the ending.
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I would say that as long as this isn't mandatory (collecting money/points/rewards) it should be a nice add on. Collecting massive amounts of prizes and collectibles could make the game tedious and not very fun.
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I don't think it's a bad idea as such, but the real question is, who will code the shop and all all those little extras throughout the game?
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It's a great idea, actually. :-)