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The forum now has a site that holds all of the resources(Special ones that you can find anywhere else! Made exclusively by me!) that only members that contribute can see! The forum style has been changed and now has ALOT more threads! There are also Moderator jobs open! Please help the community skyrocket, and register now!
If your wondering "what does his site have that other RPG Maker forums don't", then heres a list for you!
1.Exclusive resources that aren't open to public, so you know you won't see them anywhere else!
2.It only covers RPG Maker VX, so you can find what you're looking for faster!
3.It's not listed in search engines, so you know your resources will be better than everyone elses!
4.No RTP files, so you don't have to look through pages and pages of resources you already have!
So heres the link:
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pretty sure this is at least in the wrong place

nobody post here let someone lock/move it

posters will be warned
yes coulombs are "germaine", did you learn that word at talk like a dick school?
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Since you need to go around begging members of another forum to join yours, there's probably not much interesting going on in there. Not that I can tell, anyway, since guests cannot seem to view anything.

So, not only did you post this in the wrong forum, your post also doesn't meet the People Power & Advertising inclusion criteria. What have you got to say for yourself?