Attention Sad News for my Fans (Read 197 times)

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   Jestor here. It's true , it appears that I have wore out my welcome on FOH forums. I have been banned forever for no stated reason.
Now I am not going to get into a pissing match about it here or any other fine gaming site for that would only lead to a domion effect of bans.
So if you need to get a piece of the Jestor.  Please march yourself over to and check out the thread "Adios to a bunch of Asshats." 

 For the rest of you, come on over in a couple of days for at that time the first at desk "Rodo Report" will be posted there for its first 48 hours.

Thanks for your attention and "Love that Jestor!
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...who are you again?
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Those fuckers.
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What the fuck is this supposed to be?
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Thanks for the update, Jestor. Please keep doing the reports, they're the only thing I look forward to in these dark days.
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i have no idea what this is about