Art - WIP (Mac) iSight recording noise (Read 570 times)

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There is a sample of it that I recorded.  There is a high pitched flicker noise in the background of all my movies that I try to record with iSight (built in mac webcam.)  I put my ear up really close to the webcam and it turns out that its either the mic making that noise or the webcam.  I was wondering if you guys know a way to reduce this or remove it completely - or if its just a hardware issue that I can't do too much about.

I tried it with both iMovie HD and a program called iRecord, both have same results.  Also tried it with no speaker volume and with speaker volume, no improved results.
Jun 10 2004, 10:35:32 PM
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If it's coming from the hardware itself, it sounds like faulty/failing hardware.