Movies Final Cut Pro rrrghghgh!!! (Read 44 times)

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hey guys i have a dilemma

So I have an editing project due for my Media Arts class later today (!!!) that I stayed up all night last night trying to do but Final Cut is kicking my ass!  And not because it's better or stronger than I am, but because it's cheap and bites and hits below the belt.  I was trying to log and capture some footage on a computer at the computer center but whenever I tried to capture anything I got a message saying ERROR: FILE UNKNOWN in the Insert Reel box thing.  I had come across this problem before and the solution usually was to just switch computers and start over.  So I did that but I still got the error.  Then I tried it five more times and kept getting it.  Eventually I gave up and went to my room and cried myself to sleep.

I'm pretty sure this is a problem with the computer or Final Cut or something and not my fault, but then again what do I know (hint: nothing).  Has anybody else had this problem and do you know how to fix it?  Does anybody who posts here even use Final Cut ever? 

I'm going to keep going back to the computer center and see if more computers are open but it's the middle of the day so I doubt it.  There's an editing room in another building on campus but it doesn't have internet access so in order to hand the project in I'm going to have to do all this other shit but I don't have a DVD so that will be a problem unless I find someone who can give me one.  If worst comes to worst I'm just going to have to say YO BRUCE LET ME GET LIKE TWO MORE DAYS (ps not gonna happen)

Anyway I'm not really expecting to get an answer to this because I've searched the internet and nobody really seems to know what the problem is and my FINAL CUT PRO BOOK won't tell me but I figured I might as well try.  If I fail out of college I'll, uh, I'll let you guys know (ps this could actually happen (goin for the pity factor))