Microsoft Vista Dream Scene (Read 534 times)

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Okay so heres the story, I got dream scene working on my Vista Business machine (yes I know its a hack). That's not my problem my problem comes when I try to use a .mpeg file as a desktop it just locks up and crashes my explorer repeatedly until I change the wallpaper. Its really odd because .wmv files seem to work just fine. I cant use.dream files because I don't have Ultimate. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix that or a GOOD converter that free that could help me out.

Btw, I have Windows Media Encoder and it doesn't seem to work at all (maybe that's because I have Vista idk).

Edit: A new problem has come up that where ever I try some stuff with like for example My Computer the explorer will crash and ill have to end task on it and restart it and this has just started to happen with in the past 2 hours and its beginning to bug the shit out of me.

Thanks in advanced for any help guys you have helped me out a lot these past couple of weeks.
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