Scary Esh ain't got nothing on Dumbledore (Read 1328 times)

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f*ckin g&d and their life-sucking community

on another note, goodbye my fellow brit
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Bye Esh and God bless you and to your projects! And say, after doing your major film project, would you mind publish it on YouTube at least?

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Esh, I will miss you...

I will too  :cry:
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Esh, I will miss you...
I will too  :cry:
Me Three. :sad:
I could be over critical, but I think you could re-do the story to sound less boring and more interesting for people to read. It's like, a wall of boring events that nobody cares enough to read.
It would be better to strive for the 'essence' of what you are trying to depict, and not think in a practical or literal sense. Just think about the origin of what you want to direct what you want your audience to feel.
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Have fun, see ya round
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man, seriously. please come back. things aren't the same without you : (
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This is just shiiiit. You're a cool guy Esh, good luck with everything.