Hotdog [mtg] Shit, Shadowmoor. (Read 602 times)

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I just played a Shadowmoor draft and bought a Fat Pack. I grabbed some cards that'll definitely help my Elf block deck, as well as that Godhead of Awe. Anyone started playing Shadowmoor yet?
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I played at the prerelease. My release tournament isn't until tomorrow though. I pre-ordered a box for $85 though!
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it was some time ago I played this.

The last sets I really liked was probably invasion, with switching enemy colours (had a black/blue deck which switchedtheir colours and kiled them off, pretryy awesome in all aspects.)
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this set's level of power is really high!
wizards has been pushing strong cards a lot recently.
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I haven't had the money or time to play this since Kamigawa cycle.