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Okay so first off before getting into it, this whole idea/situation came to be simply because I couldn't land a decent job (mostly due to my online resume crashing out when my domain died, every application I sent out before realising that happened came back with a rejection), and now jobs more suited to my interests/needs are running slim.

So then, I've decided that if I can't find my own work, I'll make my own work.
To which I introduce:

Note: Move topic to wherever it should go, if this isn't the right place.

Anyway, DivinElegy is something I'm looking into starting up... I guess you could say that I'm wanting to do it officially, but would prefer some feedback from you guys since a lot of you either do some of what I'm intending to offer or work in the industry.

[blockquote]What is DIVINELEGY?
At the moment it is just a name, comprise by compounding Divine and Elegy together, there's no significant history or thought process behind the name, but it clicks okay, similarly to a word like; Elysium or... something else.

Who is the target consumer?
Small business owners are the main target, however I am not limited to that, as far as it goes small businesses starting out will be in need of different aspects of media coverage, I intend to do simple tasks with professional results at prices lower than the more upscale companies, it's like a way of letting people start small to get themselves out there without bearing too much of an impact financially.
The main reason for this is because owners of recently commenced small businesses are more than likely to need someone to do certain tasks and can have piece-of-mind knowing that they can expect a completed and detailed product/service for less than they would pay a more upmarket business to perform.
However when needed I'm not limited to just that and will also branch out or roll back to larger companies or individuals looking for one-off jobs done.

What does DIVINELEGY do?
The main objective is to stay open to just about any task within a certain category, my focus is computer design and textual collaborations, however specialised tasks have been noted below to give a general overview of my capabilities.

DIVINE – Design Aspect
·   Website Design
The production of a small website covering simply the necessities using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
Content updates whenever needed are also available and web administration duties are available for organisational purposes or content updates as stated.
Professional service the entire way through, asking what suits that client’s needs and following through with storyboarding and concept design.

Reference:     and

·   Logo Design
Completely new designs or a redesign/edit of a business or company logo with aid from software including Adobe Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3 and Flash CS3, design process covered with concept designs after being given an overview on the client’s wants and needs, different colours and positions provided using the principles of design, for more variety and better judgment on the completed product.
Reference: undisclosed

·   Animation
Covered with the use of Flash CS3, animation covers anything from dynamic navigation menus, interesting page effects and general/simple animation.
The client merely has to provide information on the nature of the animation and the events that need to occur in minimal but accurate detail.

Reference:       It's basically my resume/portfolio, and it really kills lower end computers

ELEGY – Text Aspect
·   Brochure Design
Brochures of any nature, whether folded or stapled are one of the main services intended to be covered as it covers a large area of clients, especially those starting out in small businesses.
With the use of Adobe InDesign CS3 and Microsoft Word 2007 along with aided use of Flash CS3 I intend to produce brochures exactly as specified by a client, adequately placing content they have provided.

Reference: undisclosed

·   Print Advertisements
Whether these advertisements are for a newspaper, to be stuck to a window, business cards, colourful, black and white, it can be done quickly and easily.
Reference: undisclosed

·   Letter Formatting
Although only a minor task, it is something that can be very difficult to those of whom are not very experienced with computer software, the task involves things like text alignment for things like addresses to appear in envelope windows, letterheads and footers, incorporating any amount of text or graphics into the page, but in a viewable and readable manner.
Reference: undisclosed

The undisclosed references are on the actual proposal itself, I just don't want to show anything because... well I think my work would look shit compared to what a lot of you guys could do.

Where will the work take place?
Initially all tasks will be performed by myself, from my personal computer at home, it will be very easy to set up a client base and if needed; available scheduling using Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, it will also provide me with internet access at all times making me very responsive toward email inquiries.

When will all of this take place?
Tasks can very easily fit around my personal schedules, in between work and on my days off are generally the most likely times for work to be performed, with weekends being the exception to catch up and recuperate, client interviews will usually always be scheduled a day or two in advance unless considered urgent, or if possible email forms can be sent out for them to fill in and send back, covering all aspects of the task that I request and they specify. Primary form of contact would be via email; however mobile phone access is always an option for both me and potential clients.
If needbe, if say things were to pick up and the workload got steeper, I would most likely leave my current job to sort of pursue this as best I can, since I am basically on a BARE MINIMUM wage.

So why am I posting this here?
Well, to begin with, I am only 18.
My business knowledge is a bit better than most since I'm basically a step down from management in my current job, but it is very easy to overlook a lot of things.

What I need help with are the following:
As far as I can see this is a low cost venture, to initially take on clients I am of course going to need to be a registered home business and with that I'm more than certain there comes a nominal fee, not sure how much exactly since I'm still looking into it but I'd like to get a rough idea on how much it would be (doesn't matter about currency, I'll convert to get a rough idea).
Obviously I'm going to need to purchase LICENSED software as to actually keep things legal, so that will cost a fair bit...
On top of that, I'm still trying to work out from before whether my problems lie with the motherboard or the RAM, but one if not both of them will need to be replaced, more costs... geh.
Then there's a semi-decent printer for things like invoices, quotes, proposals.
Plus paper and all the other pissy necessities needed.
As far as that goes I can see myself spending over $1000 (AUD) and for someone my age that is a large investment to gamble with.

I know there are a lot of people out there looking for a service like this, I have tutored a lot of people with computer use and I have fixed various computer networks and what-have-you for small nominal fees that I like to mark as 'donations' or 'courtesy payments'.
Obviously I didn't outline computer support before but it's something I can very easily do, setting up computer networks is a simple task anyway.
As far as web design goes, obviously that's where the money is at, and I find a lot of people are CLUELESS when it comes to doing it, it is a very broad market in any case, and my main focus is on the ignorant/inexperienced.
This works out of course for all aspects, a lot of people have the same mindset for things like logos, animations and of course print advertisements.

I'm not too aware on different pricing, obviously I want to aim a bit cheaper than other services around me, but I don't want to sell myself short, what would be (as a guide); likely prices you'd ask for/offer for:
·   A small website with basic functionality like the one(s) referenced
·   Regular content updates
·   Small scale animation for things like portfolios, menus, etc.
·   A business logo (black and white, or colour)
·   Standard A4 print advertisement (black and white, or colour), or smaller newspaper advertisement
·   Brochure design, A4 page folded X times
·   Whatever else I've neglected to mention

Where do I look?
How do I get these silly people to appear before me and give me money?
What would be the BEST advertising medium (whilst being the most cost effective).

Once again there are likely to be things that I am overlooking, but I think I covered most of it (I certainly typed enough huh?)
If you actually took the time to read ALL of this, then give yourself a pat on the back, and if you could help me out in any way possible before I embark on this sort of endeavour I would greatly appreciate it.
Oh, and your overall thoughts regarding it all would be nice. :)

Thank you
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I am not a big fan of the name. How is it pronounced? Like "DIVINE LEGY" or "DIVIN ELEGY"? It doesn't roll of the tongue for me.

The most cost effective solution for spreading the word (advertising) is to simply print out advertisement leaflets and put them up around your local town, in bus shelters, in shop windows, lampposts etc. This works for  your idea because you are seeking clients for commercial reasons. An advertisement leaflet should be kept simple with heading, picture, small description and contact information. This is the cheapest method because all you need is a printer and blank A4 paper.

Also I think you are aiming to offer too many services to start out with. Why not just stick with web design/logo design/development and expand from there when you are earning a suitable amount of revenue?

Edit: By the way, I too am finding it difficult to get a job. I may need to start something like this up, even though I have done freelance in the past this is something more established.
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Change your name it sounds like an amateur RPG

atleast that was my first impression before I read what you do
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I'd like to second this. I saw your logo and a WALL OF TEXT and initially thought you were looking for team members for your RPG Maker game.

I could say a bunch of things right now, but for now I'll just say that you should keep your eyes open. And never forget that it's all about communication with your target audience.
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DivinElegy (Pronounced: Divin Elegy), may seem so simply because of the crap that people spew out of their heads sometimes, but in the end it's one of those weird names that people are likely to remember because they are either trying to pronounce it or because it does roll off the tongue (I find it does anyway, as do others)...
I mean sure you can argue that it sounds like an amateur RPG fresh from Game and Demo (like the recently added; renewtion), but lets face it I'm starting out as an amateur doing odd jobs.

I'm keeping my range high so that I don't focus on a single few things and it will give me an idea on what parts are likely to be in higher demand.

Jeff: Yeah I'll be starting to do that soon, I just need to mash that wall of text into an A4 or A5 page consisting of like, 20 words tops.
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Even though the excuse that the name is acceptable because since you're an amateur and it sounds like an amateur game, it works, is perfectly reasonable (it's not), I suggest you change it.

For one thing it doesn't connect at all with your actual proposal work. Try picking one word from your technology services then spruce it up with a creative word. Elegy Technologies, but not Elegy, example.

I think there actually is a small market for a good technology adept individual in small business markets because a lot of them have no idea about any of this stuff and wouldn't see the difference between your skills (if marketed right) and a big tech service company that probably costs more.

There isn't a real set price for services like making websites, especially in small towns and such, and you can exploit that for opportunities and gain.
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Thanks for the feedback, Fish

I know you all have gripes about the name, which is odd because on the contrary individuals around the place find it rather catchy. It's an obscure name, so it either annoys you or pleases you, either way it sits in your head.

I'm doing an [IC]Divinelegy sort of thing around my surrounding neighbourhoods and nearby business regions to sort of assess the demand for it, of course if there is a demand I'll take on jobs straight away following on with a quick business registration that I have taken the time to prepare, it is basically ready for submission at the moment.
Along with that I'm mostly going to be depending on word-of-mouth from my friends, family and contacts in certain industries to see where I end up.

I'm not expecting there to be some sort of boom demand for what I'm offering but if I get run off my feet I might even have to call on freelancers to help out so really there's opportunities all around.
Just have to be proactive about it I guess...