Topic: [HELP] What's wrong with me? (Read 809 times)

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I don't need anyone making stupid comments unless you mean them.

What's wrong with me? Everywhere I go, I am hated. Everyone hates me and I don't know why. I just try to fit in but I always get rejected. Every forum I go to I get banned or humiliated. What is wrong with me? Please help.

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What you need to do is come on IRC and get your ass on #G&D. We are building a collection of losers and rejects. We already have TFT, otomon, Psyburn, BlindMind, me and many others.
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Honestly, you're not a loser. I've gone and gotten banned. I'll come on, I guess but I still want someone to help for once rather than humiliate me.

Please, I swear to god don't ban me, I am sorry I was just mad. :(
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Why not explain more about your situation properly, instead of being a douche about it like "fuck this fuck that". You know how immature that sounds?
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I don't hate you
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I'll not TAKE ANYTHING you write like this seriously because it looks dumb
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I'm at work and i don't have time to lock/ban/warn any more topics/members so someone please take over (thank you Bart for locking the other topic)

however, i love it when members have conversations with each other using alternate accounts.

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