Topic: Trying to close down GamingW? (Read 1916 times)

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lolz.. look, even the admin bart signed it..

Ugh, so what happens if we sign it..
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GW will magically disappear off the internet due to the magical powers of petitions and the ipetition legal sectre who ensure that the results of their petitions are followed out.
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hey what was this forum that had like a dictionnary that showed definitions of some words when you hovered them and gamingw's was something about MOOSES AND GAYS? that was the best place
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Less than 257 people hate GW.
Man, thats totally untrue. Even GW hates GW.
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This topic is now about people who are anti-GW.

This is one of my favourite quotes: :laugh:

sounds like something I would complain about. The only rules that are rules around here are the rules that I make. (lol joking)

So he got banned for being furiously frusterated with fruity faggots, then got mad because he got banned but he loved it here so much he decided if He Couldn't have it no one could! and created that stupid petition hoping it would actually work? thats pretty dumb. What's with these people who get so pissed off at stuff when it doesn't go there way entirely?

That reminds me of the time when that one guy set hobos on fire....what a horribly awful shame... :tsk:
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anti-reminiscing-police *whoo whoo*