News Mormoms take over Toronto! (And maybe the world? *scary music plays*) (Read 110 times)

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Im sorry if I offend any Mormons who migth be in this forum,May prophet Mohamed be with you.

K So Im just chilling down at my turf and then all of a sudden some random crackers walk up to me and start telling me about some random prophet and im like wtf rigth? So they ask me for my celly and I gave it to them,next day they call me and Im like "Shut up the fuck! Maitreya sucks!",and they stop calling me after that... the deal is that I spotted alot of them folks here down at Toronto..they are everywere mang! But im not the only one whos seen them.. a couple of people I know told me they seen them everywhere too,and whats more the other day I was eating some bread and it looked just like James Brown(but it was white yeah..) questions are...

1)Is this some kind of government/religious/alien conspiracy?

2)Why do mormons suck my balls?

3)If I get circumcised will they shut the fuck up?

Anyways thanks for listening guys....share some of your stories relating to the Mormons..
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What're mormons? Are they members of the Church of Jesu last days holy or whatever it's called?

Only thing I know about mormons is they live near salt lake city and they are polyetc (multplie wives)
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