Question [ASK] Calling all Australian GWers (Read 969 times)

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Oh wow, really? I thought you and Green Bomb were both Melbourners, but then again my mind tells me that you moved or something? I could of course be wrong entirely.

Just thinking of Australian GWers, there's:

Green Bomberman

and... that's all I can think of. I know that me and Carius are Perth, not too sure about anyone else.

EDIT: ASE, they were the first Aus GWers I thought of :( maybe i'll see adam's dog

Why aren't i on the list!

Doubt i can make it though.
My Last trip to melbourne was a friday till sunday night gig in which i was drinking pretty much nonstop since i got there.
Threw off my budget and fucked things alittle for me, Depending who you ask it was worth it.

And we already had a GW meet, When we found out i lived afew blocks from Serenity and wildtiger.
Me, Wildtiger, Serenity, Deviate? Deviant? oh i forget her name.

And if your wondering currently im living in Canberra.

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