Topic: Terminator Salvation(New Trailer!) (Read 5177 times)

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@Xeno: Lol at the video, the americans always makes fun of Swachnegger accent poor him.
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Just saw this tonight. Does anyone know what scene Bale flipped out on? It was apparently an emotional scene, but idk Bale didn't have a huge role, and no scene really stood out as emotional to me.
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I saw this tonight and i cant add much more than the general consensus of 'fun as a stupid action film but one of the stupidest films ever'.

I'm just astonished how human friendly Skynet actually appear to be, especially their MOTORBIKES which are completely functional for human use if you press a few buttons.

(on a seperate note, some absolutely astonishing product placement for sony).
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  I have to disagree with what some of you have said and say that I didn't think the acting by Christian Bale or Sam Worthington was very strong. There were a few scenes where I could hear his accent, and the whole "SHAKEN BY GRAVITY OF THE HORRIBLE TRUTH" thing went a little far. That having been said, I enjoyed watchin gthe movie, even though there were more than a few scenes that looked pretty lousy in terms of photography and editing, and an attempt to copy a hyper-realist style that did not mesh with the storytelling at all. On a positive note, I did see some things that I liked. The special effects were mostly really well done, especially the . The attempt at a deeper theme was bungled, especially considering the depth of potential in a story about cybernetic humanity, that could have made a statement about the nature of the human machine on par with Blade Runner. Maybe it was a short, sighted script... because the film was filled with one-offs and gimmicks rather than real deep visual storytelling.
  It was entertaining though, I'll give it that. Some of the cinematography, and a few of the action-sequences, really grabbed my eye. But like it has been said, it could have been a lot better and maybe we should be thankful that McG didn't do any worse than he did. B-/B
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What a dumb movie! I suppose it was entertaining to an extent...

and I agree with ktt, Common is such a dreadful actor!
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Yeah, the entire purpose of them having living tissue is to make them appear human so that they can infiltrate the human resistance. That's why Terminators like the T-800, Cameron, and the T-888's are all decked out to look like humans. They are infiltrators, and know full well what they are. This guy is an exception.
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Saw this yesterday cause it was my birthday an all. Right grandad now, me.

Thought Christian Bale was godawful and that it played a bit like a cutscene from gears of war. Entertaining but at the same time they could've given you a lot more for the price of your cinema ticket.

Like a good movie for instance...
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um yeah i saw this last week and it was a lot worse than i thought it would be.

it was ok
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