FPS Unreal Tournament 2004? (Read 650 times)

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I've recently got into netplaying due to my getting of broadband. So I was looking through my game collection and found my UT2k4 disk. So i booted it up and i'm really enjoying the game a lot more online. So i was wondering if anyone here plays it too. I assume you're all familiar with this game, but if the mods wish it, I will edit with game info.
Game Info
Unreal Tournament 2004 is a fast paced Multiplayer oriented FPS. It features many weapons and vehicles in some gametypes (Assault and Onslaught ). It is built on the Unreal Engine 2.5. It features many game types, some of which are-
Assault- Assault is a mission based game type. Each Assault map has a set mission. Each team is assigned an attacking or a defending role. The attacking team must try and complete these objectives, and the Defending team have to try and stop them. After all objectives are complete or the time limit runs out, the team roles are switched, the attackers become the defenders, and vice- versa. After 2 rounds the team with the most objectives done wins.
Onslaught-Onslaught is a game where you must try and conquer the map. Each team starts with a base, called a power core. Around the map are places called Power Nodes, which are like secondary bases. These Power Nodes start out being unclaimed. When a team member touches a power node, it begins to turn their team's colour. Once it becomes the team's colour, it functions as a spawn point and equipment area for that team. The ultimate goal is to control all the nodes and destroy the enemy's Power Core.
Invasion- In this mode, all players have to fight for survival amongst an army of aliens (taken from Unreal 1). It is a last man standing style game, with no respawns.
It also features normal FPS gametypes such as Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.

The game is highly modable, with a simple mutator system for small changes to gameplay. An example mutator would be adding weapons, or making all weapons meelee weapons. There are also full mods, which can turn the game into a different kind of Fps, or even something as different as an RTS.


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Yes, 24 hours to add game info or I lock it.