Tech Computer Upgrade/Re-build. (Read 1054 times)

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Well I think some benchmarks have shown that there is difference between them, but there has also been benchmarks that show that its more because of vista rather than DX10, so I'm not really sure what to see.  Regardless though, the difference between a few frames when you're above 30 anyway don't make a difference so its not like it something you should be worrying about if you have the specs to run something that high, so you might as well run it with DX 10 since it's going to look nicer, and eventually be getting better support in the future.
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Just as a matter of interest (Talking to goat here) - what is the difference between DX10 and DX9 crysis in terms of frame rates? When I first played it I did so on a smaller monitor so it still looked good but I think if I could get a 2nd playthrough in DX9 in hires I might.

DX10 is noticably slower. The benchmarks show crysis on very high runs faster in xp, as do quite a lot of dx10 capable games on their highest settings. Once dx10 becomes the norm, it will be much more attractive, but it's just too soon. Sure, people can grab a dx10 capable card NOW, but once dx10 actually kicks into gear, by then the card will be outdated and they'll have to look for a new one to fully realize it's potential.