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What is Global Warming .How can we stop it spreading across world.
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global warming is when they take too much oil from the earth, which acts as insulation from the hot molten core, and therefore causes the surface of the earth to heat up. global warming.
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Actually no it's the green house effect doing it's job TOO well, because theres a far greater concentration of the gases that make up green house gases in the atmosphere. Also the Glaciers are actually melting, and alot of Canada's is gone now, this is bad because the Glaciers actually reflected rays from the sun back but all that will get absorbed by the Ocean which is bad (some coasts are already seeing the effects this is having).

Also even if we magically stopped all our bad ways the damage won't magically stop.
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Global Warming is a myth. Ignore the solid evidence that scientists are constantly showing you; it's all an elaborate conspiracy. The government just wants to make money from you. Besides, even if it were true, global warming is a great excuse for partial nudity.
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