Birthday pet emergencies!! (Read 317 times)

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My eight year old beagle is beginning to show signs of arthritis; so I've ordered him some arthogen... Not a very good story; I admit; but there's a little more behind this.

You see, my parents are idiots. Despite me constant pleaing to them "Stop giving him excessive amounts of dog treats" "Please stop feeding him two hot dogs from lunch and two hot dogs for dinner, look; I'll pay for this dog food so just stop" and my favorite "Stop cleaning his eyes with a paper towel". Of course with all this nonsense going on, I'm the one who has to flip the vet bill for when the dog gets sick or hurt.

Despite my beagle's great energy, he's becoming quite overweight, attempts to get the dog on a proper diet have all led to failure; mainly because of my parents inability to follow veterinary advice, combined with my pleas. Dog's typically don't take kindly to sudden changes in their diet; so my dog wouldn't eat the new, high quality dog food. Normally; an owner would have to just keep giving it to the dog until the animal gives in and eats it. INSTEAD what would happen is I feed the dog, walk out; and find out that my father is giving the beagle handfuls of CAT TREATS for some reason... Oh yeah, did I mention this dog used to eat Hot Dogs covered in cat treats? Oh, well he used to! Now he only eats hot dogs covered in dog treats.

Due to his current weight, I've since made another plea. Since the dog is getting regular vitamin supplements now; I said to my father "We need to put the dog on a diet, maybe just one hot dog for lunch / dinner" to which he replied "OKaY ONE ANDA HAF HOT DOGS" to I which I replied "...".

Oh yes; it will be an interesting day when this dog passes on. Oh hoh - I wonder how badly I'll fly off the handle when I'm unable to quell this rage that festers inside me as I see my dog die two years early for no good reason.

I can sympathize with this. My mom and her boyfriend tend to do really stupid things whenever the dogs start acting up, like reinforcing bad behavior with treats so that they can get the dogs to be quiet instead of ignoring them or just putting them inside whenever they decide to eat outside. It's really stupid, because now whenever they are around the dogs they start this incessant barking routine that annoys the living fuck out of me--and they don't really stop until they get food or whatever (usually in the form of table scraps).

Pretty dumb because I know my mom's boyfriend used to give his dog entire pizzas and BEER (just for LAUGHS, I guess!) and not surprisingly that dog died of some pretty nasty stomach cancer. Dogs aren't supposed to be eating shit with tons of unknown or processed ingredients--this is common sense and it seems like so many people are incapable of understanding it.

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Pretty dumb because I know my mom's boyfriend used to give his dog entire pizzas and BEER (just for LAUGHS, I guess!) and not surprisingly that dog died of some pretty nasty stomach cancer. Dogs aren't supposed to be eating shit with tons of unknown or processed ingredients--this is common sense and it seems like so many people are incapable of understanding it.

I explained this to my parents numerous times, I even asked a veterinarian to explain it to them; since my words to them have about as much worth as a common house hold sponge... But it's no use. I tell him dogs can't eat this stuff, my father replies "BUT ISH LOW FAT". Should I try again, I'm accused of "lecturing" them.

I just feel so terrible for the dog, that has to be in pain because I'm powerless to do anything to stop them. Every time he limps out of bed to grab his toy and drop it on my foot; I can see that the end is coming... This year, next year? The year after? Tomorrow? Even though after a moment of being up he walks around normally (with a healthy stroll, no less) I still feel bad.
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Once when I was pretty young, I was petting one of our cats with my bare foot while at the computer. After I was done goofing around for a few hours I went to pick him up and he had hung himself on the wires. He had actually scurried in there when I had started playing so he died at my feet and I probably could have saved him if I paid a little more attention. I felt pretty awful about it for awhile.
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My friends were dropping me off from a reading at 4 in the morning and it was raining, and we almost hit some rabbits. Turns out they weren't rabbits, they were kittens. No mom in sight, no other kittens. Cold, hungry, meowing little 3 week old kittens.  So we warmed them up and I took them home, and fed them from a syringe, then a bottle, bathed them (with no-water kitten shampoo!), made them a little bed, trained them to use a litterbox. They think I'm their mom now O.o;

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oh my goodness i love kittens
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I had a cat when I was six that had a gaping hole in its side from some infected snake bite or something and my mom had it put down but when I was little yes I saw my cat walking around the house with a 6-inch hole in its side, it was fucking huge.

Also my neighbors poisoned my mean ass goat because he ate their flower bed but we couldn't do anything about it because we didn't have proof and it looked like rattlesnake poisoning symptoms even though it didn't have any bites on it.

I also have a badass cat thats like 13 years old and beat both of my parent's full grown lion chow's asses several times but she leaves at months at a time to go whoring and eat the neighbors food.

Also the mean ass goat's mom got pregnant by the mean ass goat and had like 5 offspring all of which were miscarriages except for one that got crushed by a horse that slept on it a few weeks after it was born.

That is fucking hilarious
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Dulcinea: Fuck I love kittens. That's awesome.
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brian chemicals
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Congradulations you've just taken in some kittens. I reccomend you let em' grow a few more months before giving them to someone else. They'll get over never seeing you again after a bit if you do, or you can just keep em'. If you do keep them don't make them out-door cats if you don't want to constantly check for infections, sickness, ear mites, ticks, lice, and fleas everytime they come back. Then theres the chance someone in your neighborhood leaves poison out for strays and out door cats, so beware.
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 holy shit i want one.
but i am allergic :(
fuck it all, dd is dead