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I'm having an issue with a piece of spyware that managed to get on my computer...
Spybot S&D can't find it (I have checked for updates regularly.) and avast doesn't pick up spyware (or it hasn't picked up this one if it can.)
It shows the red shield in the quicklink box and opens to a website (and regularly pops up "You have a security issue... get the best protection at etc."
Bah, what I get for trying to find the freaking Gargoyles in Fable 2...
Guess my question is, is there any software that I can get (free or paid...) that can rid me of this nightmare...
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For me personally. I would uninstall Avast and download/install AVG 8.0 and run a scan. It picks up spyware/viruses, and even has some online protection that pop-ups up a warning box if a threat is detected on the website you're visiting and lets you take care of it.
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AVG is way worse than Avast is at AV though. Avast is the best free AV next to Avira, as its lightweight, fast, and better detection rates. But if you can, get NOD32 for pay (or illegally, your choice.) as its better than both combined x infinity.

However, since you mentioned Spyware, I'm going to recommend you try Keep your Spybot S&D, both of these programs work well together (obviously don't run them at the same time), and when you use it, go to Preferences and under "Scanning Control" uncheck the following: 
*Ignore files larger than 4MB
*Ignore non-executable files
*Scan only known file types (*.exe, *.com, *.dll, etc.)
*Display scan option in Explorer context (right-click) menu

But check:
*Terminate memory threats before quarantining.

And scan with it (it'll take awhile, approx. an hour or so, depending on your HDD size, etc.).

It's a really good program that I'd keep after you're done either way, it's tied with S&D for best free Anti Spyware IMO.
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