PC High Performance Hard Drives and Fans. (Read 243 times)

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With Christmas approaching I've been being asked as to what I wanted for the consumer holiday.

While being at a loss for what to ask for (That isnt 200+ USD), something recently came to me, my hard drive; by far the oldest component in my now new PC. I've gotten some great help here before; so I come here again with another pestering group of questions.

1 - I really like how I have my windows set up now. Diskkeeper, NOD Antivirus, and all of my other protective measures are all set up just the way I like them. I run a tight ship; and the computer runs consistently well... My question is; is it possible to make a snapshot image of this current set up; and transfer it easily to my new hard drive?

2 - What high performance hard drives do you suggest for a gamer such as myself? What would fit in my case?  (http://www.devhardware.com/c/a/Computer-Cases/Raidmax-Sagitta-Gaming-Case-Review/)

3 - I'm not sure if I even really need this at this point; but I'm always paranoid about my case temp. What would be a good replacement fan for the above linked case? Can I even replace the fans on this thing easily?

4 - I saw some weird thing at a staples the other day. I didn't get a good look at it, but it looked like some kind of fan that hooked up into a pci slot. A Graphics Card fan, the package stated. Is this a good thing to have? It would cover up a hold I have in the back of my case nicely (I can't find the case cover for that one piece).