Fruity Sound Setup (Read 408 times)

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Man, I'd hate to say I'm an audiophile because it's kinda a lame word, but I want absolute sound clarity and maximum sound performance if at all possible. I have a DECENT board, I'd say. It has on-board Realtek HD Audio with 8 ports in the back and two in the front. If I wanted to, I could set up a 5.1 or I think maybe a 7.1 system. The thing is, I just think the quality on the whole rig could be better. Personally, I'd like to see better.

I don't want to set up anything above a 2.1 system, because I really don't need anything above that. I don't want to be IMMERS'D, I'd just like things to come out clearer.

I'm looking to spend around a max of 150$, and I've been told getting a sound card won't really help, even though I have on-board. If anyone here has experience with sound and making it sound better, I'd like to know if you could help me out with that on my budget.
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I got the x-fi fatal1ty pro, best sound quality and performance (and compatibility) imo. Was around $100 when I got mine.