Music The GW Troubadours - Verse, Chorus, Bridge that Gap - GWRadio Premiere - Sunday 5PM EST (Read 144 times)

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(Credit to Magical Negro for cover art, minor editing by ase)

1. Lars - Måneferd
2. Unt - Bathing in Shadows
3. Soulmman - Use-A-Name
4. helter skelter - Raw (Wu-Tang Clan remix)
5. Alec - My Time Machine
6. JOJOFACE - Restless
7. Jamie Sime - I Can See Stars
8. Raen - Ithavol
9. ATARI - Brand New Day
10. Chris Riggs - My Love is Shared (Death from Above 1979 cover)
11. Kevin Liu & Ryan S. Jenq - Falling Slowly (The Frames cover)
12. Mince Wobley - Experimental progressive sludge indie rock
13. DarkPriest - Shores of Roine
14. DJ Jazzper feat Bonghits - Where My Burgers At
15. ase - field experiments
16. helter skelter - Oh Baby
17. Puppet Master - Darla
18. Tophue - Machines
19. Ace Heartwind Teckno Club - Bobblehead
20. Alec - Take My Heart to the Flames
21. Ryan S. Jenq - A Gangster's Lament
22. Mince Wobley - Will My Three Year Old Son Love Me More If I Buy Him A Playstation Three
23. JOJOFACE - Step 1, Create One Idea. Step 2, Create A Second Idea. Step 3. Combine. Regardless.
24. conchfeld / Puppet Master / ase - Come December

Length: 76 minutes 28 seconds

If you're a new member (or a G&D'er who's been hiding under a rock heh), The GW Troubadours are Gaming World's own amateur musical group. We release a few albums every year for fun and premiere them on GWRadio prior to releasing them for public download.

This album was pretty much an "anything goes" deal. The artists were allowed to compose anything they wanted, although many of them chose to follow a general theme of "technology."


Sunday, December 28 @ 5PM EST

GWRadio & #gamingw on GW's IRC server - All the cool people go to IRC for the premiere. It's a blast!!! Be there!!!

Quote from: me
... this is a VERY diverse album. We've got hip-hop, metal, pop rock, american idol reject singers, experimental progressive sludge indie rock, indie, remixes, electronica - basically THIS ALBUM IS CRAZY ON DRUGS