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 Max. Memory Speed :      DDR2 1333+/1066/800/667 MHz

wouldn't this mean it also supports DDR2 1066MHZ?

also farmrush this is the mobo i've decided to stick with:

and the card i picked was an 512MB ATi Radeon 4870 HD, and that mobo only has one PCI-E x16 slot so i guess it wouldn't support crossfire?

decided to go with this SATA drive:

320GB seems like all I would really NEED and it's pretty cheap

turns out my psu wasn't modular, so i'm going with this:
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Just for the record I have completed COD4 on VETERAN with my logitech wireless mouse and keyboard.

There's also a guy who beat Super Mario Bros. with his feet.
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nice system setup bible or should i say sumaiya...

huggles I found you.....

I hope your computer rocks
sounds like its gotsome good stats might want to consider solid state hd too or the new ram chip powered ones being made these days for extra speed...
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It's still way too early for SSD imo. They are pricey as shit and there's a lot of issues with them still.