Help My recycle bin is gone (Read 909 times)

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That's it, somehow my recycle bin is gone. I can't find it anywhere - desktop, explorer, start menu, control panel - basically anywhere. Dunno if this is a virus or not, since nothing else happens - not yet maybe.
So... anyone know a way to get around this? And don't tell me to reinstall, I don't own the cd.
Also I heard of some softwares that replace the function of recycle bin. Are those wares any good?
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Did you delete it by accident? Check your recycle bin and restore it from there :-)
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It might just have somehow been placed outside your desktop. Try sorting the contents of your desktop.
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How do you lost it. You can move it outside decktop. But you can find it in any file manager.
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You can use a utility like Tweak XP to repair the recycle bin.