Microsoft DVD Drive disappearing/reappearing. (Read 359 times)

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I've been using my old computer(4+ years old) a lot the past 5 months to emulate my old playstation CD's.  I have two drives.   The first suddenly died, I couldn't even open it except with a paper clip.  So I switched to the other and that one appeared to die as well...the drive letter was completely gone from my computer.  However, whenever I restarted the computer it would re-appear and be re-usable for awhile.  I doubt both drives would be dying near the same time.  Cable?  Controller?  Software?

Theres nothing in eventvwr except one explaining it disappeared suddenly.

Any ideas?
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Check that the connections are securely in, and give the whole case a thorough cleaning. Also, disk emulation software like Daemon Tools or MagicISO can sometimes interfere with your physical drives.