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Hey everyone, I'm trying to promote a great game that i've been playing for awhile. It could use some more members so we could make some progress. It is small now, but hopefully we can make it bigger.


Thats the site, and if you do sign up, you could help me out by using the referral code 10835  ​

A little about the game... it takes place in the future, and we fight as roto's. its a robot suit. It is a text based rpg, and the people who play are very friendly and great to talk with. Everyone on there is very helpful and has a great forum set up alone if you dont like the gameplay. If you join, my name on there is White Wolf and my ID is 10835. I will make sure to help you with anything you need and explain more.
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Why do people still play text-based RPGs?

EDIT: Not trying to insult your choice, though, just wondering what makes roto-x better than, say, WoW.

EDIT 2: If you're not just an adbot.
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