Topic: Did you take your swine flu shot? (Read 868 times)

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Yes or no and why?

I'm not taking it. I'll wait until the bodies are piling up on the streets to take mine. I don't trust the government.
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I took it, in January I think. I haven't died yet. I trust our socialist government (*humming the internationale*).

If your government is American, I understand. ;)

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no, but with an immune system like mine it probably would've been a fine idea.
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I didn't because there was a ridiculous rush for it when it first came out and anybody that was already young and healthy just got turned away anyway.

Don't really care about it at all anymore, as it's clear that I probably have a greater chance of getting hit by lightning than dying from that flu.
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No because I haven't been sick in awhile and I think flu shots are dumb.
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That is so 2009. I got mine somewhere late late year, but I wouldn't have gotten one if it hadn't been free. (And it was free because my asthma puts me in a high risk group.)
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No because I haven't been sick in awhile and I think flu shots are dumb.
I think people overreacted way too much (there was seriously very very long lines in Finland to get a shot, fuck that).

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I got one but not only were my parents specifically exposed to someone who tested positive for flu but since they're both in the medical field I didn't really have to go out of my way to get it.  I don't think I would have if it had been such a to-do.
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I didn't get one because I don't want the area of my brain that controls CRITICAL REASONING to be shut down at the hands of the DRUG DEALERS and CORPORATE CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT that push this stuff.
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i got swine flu instead
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i tried to get it when they were offering it on my college campus but when I got there, I looked around, saw how ridiculously long the line was, and said FUCK THAT

ever since then i've been trying to stay away from pigs...... . ... ....
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Nope, not worried about it and I don't have time to go the doctor for that shit when there are a hundred other things I need to do on the little time I get off.

I was worried about it at one point after I had a hangover from some very cheap liquor, went into a profusely cold sweat and blacked out on my way sprinting to the bathroom and ran into a doorway. I thought I had the swine flu then but it wasn't and I'm pretty thankful for that I guess.
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No, because I try to refine my immune system into something better and evolve into the next step of humanity. Medicines are poison for my plan!
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I wasn't intending to get the shot but they were doing them on-site, for free, at an office I was working at so it was like "meh, may as well."

They ended up giving me the swine flu shot in one arm (THROBBING later on) and season flu in the other (not throbbing as much)

I got.... SOOO sick that evening. Just a general feeling of intense discomfort, malaise, shaking in bed. I was like "Great, because I needed swine flu AND the regular flu." Called in sick the next day, as did many others.

But now I will be one of the handful of survivors.. this plague will inevitably wipe out civilization, without any doubt in my mind whatsoever. Everything is terror! Nothing is safe! Anyway, we will turn into a kind of "Battlestar Galactica" situation where we have to reconstruct humanity from the wisps of what once was.

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naw i caught it, got over it, and am hopefully immune to h1n1 the ol' fashioned way
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My mum had the shot and she was ill for about 2 weeks after with migranes etc. She kept demanding I get it done too but my friend told me he went to the doctors and they advised against it unless you had a underlying health condition that could make you more vulnerable.

If there ever is a massive pandemic that's publicised on the news it is going to be a case of the boy who cried wolf because the mountain they made out of a molehill is going to desensitise people to any real danger.

There was a couple of months this year where it snowed like a bastard and no-one went out, I think that put an end to swine flu in the UK.
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i got immune to it the old fashioned way
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Wasn't much chance I'd get it because I barely interact with people or pigs.
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i'm from egypt and there are no more pigs so..