Weird i'm making a game based on dreams. (Read 1582 times)

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I used to dream that my teeth were falling, but not anymore. Today I dreamt they were just rotten. And  I played uno with some people.

In a dream I lost my teeth again, calling me woman and half man, yes, in a dream all my teeth fell out a cracked smile and a silent shout

also somebody really should do that Cosby editing thing

Edit: Akira Toriyama will be like another Hank Felcher 30 years from now. 'the artist was obsessed with his created idea of power levels, huge bulging muscles, only drew the same two faces over and over again and had a tendency for long periods of suspense where the same frame would be reused over and over and continue for several episodes completely killing any suspense and making it absurd'
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Suggestion: read this:

Sigmund Freud - The Interpretation of Dreams

It's not omg-the-ultimate-book-about-dreams, but it will give you some nice insights.

Basically, dreams are very closely related to one's personal experiences, so I'm not sure what you can get from reading random people's dream reports.
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Speaking of freud, today I dreamed I saw someone who didn't want to pay for a prostitute's services so her pimp amputated that person's d*ck. With  scissors. I guess that's pretty freudian because of castration anxiety etc!
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last night i had a dream and there was a moment of it i wanted to remember so i decided to quickly type up a note

this is what it said:  "zvha reophies"

i apparently did not have my fingers on the right keys
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I would suggest reading the book Einstein's Dreams, which contains 30 different dreams of Einstein's, all which involve how time works.  Some of them are really interesting, and even if you don't get any ideas, it is still a noteworthy read.
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in a dream i once went into a basement and all the walls and floor were made of semitransparent blueish rocks that had fish swimming inside them. (one fish per rock)
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I think it would be really cool if your game sort of did this kind of thing at some point, like some dream that's universal among all sorts of people.
A good place to start off with in this regard is Carl Jung. He identified many similarities between people's dreams, both in terms of symbols and archetypes.

By the way, NiGHTS better be there.
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Vell, just do a substitution sequence until it makes sense. I don't remember many of my dreams lately but  here are some from childhood and teenage years: I remember Link inviting me to his son's birthday party (after two segments of a bus dream) ,A weird modernist version of "little Women"As some kind of camp, voyages wiht the FF6 crew somewhere, and ... that's all for now.
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Dreams I remember:

I met the Thai Pop singers "Chinadolls" and we walked around in a small yet detailed area of the city. It was lightly snowing.

I was sliding down some mountain hills in my snowsuit, then took a chairlift to an industrial complex which had bad guys. I hid under some vehicles. Later I was a secret agent at a futuristic corporate tower office party that had mutant and cyborg guards, and an aircraft landing pad where I parked my sweet ride.

I'm at a beach with a boardwalk of little shops, an amusement park type train running through the forest nearby, and an Egyptian altar rising out of the water like in some puzzle game.

I made a totally awesome 1vs1 deathmatch map, which I played as myself to test it out. It even had matrix-like jumping physics. I tried to save it, even after finding out I was dreaming, but the general look of it is still in my head.

I was at an old The Brick (company) building that was converted to 4 floors of shops with the entire front wall as windows. At this store they sold real life copies of virtual items for Second Life. I had just spent many hours playing Mass Effect so everyone looked and sounded real. The guy I asked for help was my boss from London Drugs, complete with thick English accent and Indian skin. He explained to me that I 'click' (touch) and object to bring up a virtual banking display above it, in which I could then use my SL credits to buy this item for my online character. I found a flaming gay guy selling clothes near the stairs and asked what city we were in. He could not answer and the dream faded. I was positive that the store was or would become real and that I had a vision.

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- Mike
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Except, my character is a girl.
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Did you make this game noob dicko? If not why not