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I'm working on a c++ game and was wanting to see how well it worked on other people's computers.
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For whatever reason the game shows a console, but the actual window does not show up. I think it's a problem with my computer though, because something like that happened to me before with someone else's game and it worked fine for others. I'll see if I can straighten this out.

Edit: I tried running the game in a virtual machine running Windows XP and it worked, but it'll lag under that since Virtual PC sucks. By the way, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, so if anyone else encounters the same problem...
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Yeah, I've been getting reports that it doesn't work well under 64-bit environments. I'm not sure exactly how to fix it at this moment. :/
You could try making sure that you have the x64 Visual C++ Redistributable ( )
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it works fine for me, iirc i'm running a 32-bit windows vista laptop thing and haven't (consciously??) downloaded any kind of C++ frameworks.
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Works fine for me on win 7 64 bit, I do have that vc++ x64 redistributable though. I got stuck in the dungeon part
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I've (now) got Win7 64bit too.

And I guess it works for me...are you supposed to be able to do more besides wander around in an empty labyrinth?
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It works fine on my laptop: Alienware M11XR2, Intel i7, 1.2GHz, 8 gig ram (64-bit Windows 7)...  if that helps at all.
The arrow pad seemed a little too sensitive on the menu screen.

On another note, perhaps you could give a little more of a description on the post. I.e, what the game is, and what type of information you are wanting.
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Hopefully this is the right forum (There aren't any rules stickied anymore!?) and hopefully this isn't a seemingly idiotic question, but I was wondering if it were at all possible to be able to finish off an rpg maker game and somehow make it playable on an xbox 360 or some other popular console.

I've heard people wanting to put rpg maker games on game boy advance and so forth a small time ago.

Is there a certain way to go about doing this, or would it require a modded xbox 360?

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no there's no way
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