Music I'm looking for new artists... (Read 1075 times)

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Especifically artists similar to Eva Cassidy, because she's one of my fave Jazz singers.

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Jazz singers...hmm, Gabriela Anders?

I dunno.
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Have you heard of Amy Winehouse? She is good. A druggie, but still good.
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Have you heard of Amy Winehouse? She is good. A druggie, but still good.
They told me to listen to Amy and I said no, no no...

Diana Krall is good jazz.
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Speaking of Diana Krall, Elvis Costello did an album where he covered his works in a jazz style, I think its called My Flame Burns Blue. It's a pretty good listen.
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George Benson
Play Raimond Ex (if you haven't already)

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This might be a ridiculously obvious answer, but you could try Last.Fm.

or Nina Simone or Sarah Vaughan
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eva cassidy rules but what the fuck topic is this? you want a single artist and a single sentence description? you don't even have a list? nothing in the topic title?
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