Music CD to Hard Drive? (Read 115 times)

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I am wondering how to take songs from a Cd to my hard drive. Copy and pasting just makes some sort of pseudo- shortcut

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I believe Windows Media player can rip music from cd's. Have a look, also make sure you have the latest version.
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ya im pretty sure wmp can do this, and if not there are tons of programs that do

i use cdex but i know a lot of other people use a variety of programs
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CDex is the best IMO.
It's also freeware and your files will not end up as shitty WMAs.

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My WMP can rip CDs as mp3s
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Yeah windows media player can, you just need to change the encoding settings in the options of the program or something.  You can also change the bitrate that it rips to etc.
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I used to use FreeRIP, pretty good.
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