Request Rare RPG Maker Game/Demo Request Topic (Read 84784 times)

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Thanks for searching and finding what you could. Those posts are definitely from the topic. It was kind of insane, and pretty hilarious. Sad to see there is so little left of it, though. Was really hoping to find RPG's original post from there.
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Hi guys, I'm looking for Dreamscape by Paul Jarvis (Syron) / Dark Abyss Pro. I'm getting desperate lol  :f5:
I have 2 really useful links to classic RPG Maker 2000 games that I hope will encourage someone to upload Dreamscape. One is to a French site with 183 rare RPG Maker 2000 games on it. The 2nd is a link to Shichimenchouken: Sword of the Seven-Faced Bird by Felix Trapper / Tri-Kanji / Brasington Lane Software.
Here are the links:
180+ RPG Maker 2000 Games | RPG-Maker.Fr
Shichimenchouken: Sword of the Seven-Faced Bird | Download
I have 3 screenshots from an older version of Dreamscape if it helps:
Dreamscape is available here:
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also any of my games,
The Final Sacrifice, James Bind, or Supar Jablomfy Maen? The latter I'd really like to see again, it was an actual well functioning platformer in rm2k
otherwise I don't think I really shared anything else, everything else was just little demos of stuff
Don't have The Final Sacrifice, can you remember where it was hosted?
But I do have James Bind:
Trying to find a copy of Blue Summer. Anyone still have it somewhere? (It is already on this list, but none of the links work.)
I have v2.1, but apparently he made v2.2 which I obviously don't have:
So here's Blue Summer v2.1
Came here looking to see if anyone has funky chicken by steelwav lying around anywhere. That game was great. Wish I still had a copy. Thank you
Funky Chicken:
SegNin had it but he has long since disappeared. Maybe he'll miss us and visit again someday. He has a lot of RM2k games that would be great to have again.
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Huzzah! Welcome back.