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I like how at one point he says that the pirates have their money tied up in Swiss bank accounts. I refuse to believe that. That is totally ridiculous. These pirates are operating boats that barely float, what makes the guy in that article believe they have the ability to invest in overseas bank accounts? Swiss bank accounts aren't exactly picky where they take money from, but I think a guy dressed in rags shouting at them with an AK-47 in his hands might alert them something is up. They can't do it over the phone because they DON'T HAVE ANY! These are high-tech space marauders, these are guys in converted fishing boats with old Soviet assault rifles they purloined from an arms dealer they knew in middle school.

they're actually usually pretty sophisticated and it's not like the rank and file pirates are the ones doing the depositing dummy. they have leadership

That’s right, you have the young gaming with the old(er), white people gaming with black people, men and women, Asian countries gaming with the EU, North Americans gaming with South Americans. Much like world sporting events like the Wolrd Cup, or the Olympics will bring together different nations in friendly competition, (note the recent Asian Cup; Iraq vs. Saudi Arabia, no violence there) we come together. The differences being, we are not divided by our nationalities and we do it 24-7, and on a personal level.

We are a community without borders and without colours, the spirit and diversity of the gaming community is one that should be looked up to, a spirit and diversity other groups should strive toward.
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edit: this was definitely the wrong thread, oh well.
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what does that even mean? THAT'S WHY YOU'RE BLACK!