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Funny thing is, I was away from GW for the last 2 days (busy with school) and I come back to see a topic called "Honoring Steel". I was like "you gotta be shitting me", I come here and........ damn. Steel :(

I really spent the last 30 minutes walking around trying to take everything in but wow, it's hard to believe. Steel was always kind of an ass with me but looking back on it he always had good reasons. I was a stupid little guy and Steel was just trying to make me better, less stupid. I dunno if he succeeded but I'd like to think that this awesome man had an effect on my life. I think that it is very powerful that a bunch of people on the internet, that may have never met that man are so grieved by is passing. That guy had effects on people on the four corners of the world. I guess he succeeded in helping people. Man, I don't know what to say or to say it.

this is extremely touching. i almost cried reading it

I fucking cried a bit there. That and some of Hundley's post. Man, I wish Steel was here to post "stop crying you pussy"  :fogetsad:
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No............ oh my god dude... no........

This isn't happening.... I can't even believe it... I'm seriously watering up here man.... I don't belive it,,,,,,,,



I've never felt any kind of compasion for anyone over the internet until now. my mind is completely blown.. like fuck... nooo man.... NOo... :(

He deserves so much better......  ill always remember him man.

R.I.P Steel
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but fucking no man i just logged into GW now after like days of not and I'm seriously fucking shedding tears here... this is fucked..... :(


R.I.P Steel
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steel was a big deal to me when i was in high school, when i was a dumb guy and he would tell me stories of college and i just wanted to be better, you know? a good person. he had that effect on people, because he cared so much and his heart bled for so many things.

i looked up to him so much that i was too scared to to talk to him on AIM, but god damn i wish i had. what i wouldnt give to go back and ask him what he thought of shitty lunchables or what book i need to read.

also, because this is related to what hundley is saying and important:
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we didn't always speak with good words to each other steel, but alas, I enjoyed reading what you had to say always

R.I.P. Steel

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It's been a long time since I posted here. I've been lurking around the forums for a long good while now - you could definitively say that I've moved on from GW.

But back when I was leaving here, this thread emerged. And I've been coming back if not daily, then at least once a week to check back on Steel. I never really hade any doubts that he would pull through, because like to many of you he was something of an idol to me. When I was in a dark place and started hanging out here, I found this "really cool internet guy" who was a nice and fierce mother of a man, who'd tell the best stories and pull the best pranks. I never really talked to him much, but sometimes seeing as believing. This coupled with the good community left a nice focal point for my creativity and escapism, and it didn't take long for me to emulate his mannerisms outside this forum.

Today I'm in a really bright spot, with an absolutely brilliant girlfriend who I've been going steady with for sooner three years, a good paying job that evolves me, snazzy apartment, good friends and future prospects: I'm going to be a doctor, and I'm going to work with MSF, to try and make a difference out there.

You guys, and a lot of Steel, heped me pull through and made me a smarter and more creative mind. The skills I aquired by the computer back then gave me a huge trip around the world on a scholarship and my first big job - from there the pieces just fell into place.

There's nothing much left for me here. Amark, as I learned during this thread was his name, as has passed from real life. This is an utter fucking tragedy. He could've been anything, this giant legend of a fuckin' man. Instead he shall remain a legend, a paragon in at leats a small chamber of my heart.

My condoleances to his family. Should I ever become what I want to be, I'll have a medical shelter opened somewhere they really need it - and put Steel somewhere in it as a small tribute.

Rest in peace. :(
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i am still having the subconscious perceptual problem of coming to gw and instinctively wondering if steel has posted today.
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fuck this I will just copy paste
τζακ says:
 jesus fucking christ.
if at first you don't succeed, nuke nagasaki. says:
τζακ says:
 this is horrible
if at first you don't succeed, nuke nagasaki. says:
 i'm drunk
 but yes
τζακ says:
 I really have no idea what to say
 steel was like
 I can't describe it
if at first you don't succeed, nuke nagasaki. says:
 you don't need to say anything
τζακ says:
 I just wish I could get to play werewolf with him one last time.
 It's the one time I vividly remember about gaming world that actually making me feel great
 Steel telling me
 that I was terrible at werewolf
 and then
 IMMEDIATELY taking it back after I beat the villagers
 and telling me that he was impressed
 this blew a fuse in my sixteen-year-old mind at the time
 Steel said he was impressed!
 fuck this fuck the world.

It's kind of tragic that the only thing I can think about right now is a fucking IRC GAME. A game I played two-three years ago even
This is so incredibly shit, I never really had any sort of interaction with him besides that one time, every other time he was just like STOP STEELING GROW UP or something along these lines. I just want one last game of werewolf with you, steel. Rest in peace.
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I don't know what to say. When DS told me about this yesterday it really hit me pretty hard, I felt really sad. I was never that close friends with Steel, and I'd also often get into pointless arguments with him, but he was undoubtedly one of the most intellectual, clever and funny person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm seriously speechless about this, I was always sure that if anyone, this guy would pull through this. I offer my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace.

big thanx to dragonslayer for sig!
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i think i just got the blues...
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I just realised Steel passed away on my birthday... The one day I look forward to will be the same day Steel's family will forever dread, just dont know what to think about that.][/url]
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i sometimes AIM'd with him and i used to read his lj. he didnt deserve to die. he was a man full of dreams and hopes and who wanted a better future for his fellow man. i wouldnt say he "shaped" me, but i would definitely sometimes throw at him some of my musings etc and asked for his opinion because i respected it even if i sometimes disagreed with it. i respected his intelligence. ive been seeing those dumb doop videos and they make me sad. this also made me more acquanited with my mortality because i was in emergency room the other day and i couldnt stop thinking about mr. doopz.

rest in peace man
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god... steel outgrew this community a long time ago, it's amazing he never ceased to be a presence here...

guys this is certainly a difficult period for all of us as a community but just picture steel drinking 40s of steel reserve with david foster wallace in heaven

and smile, maybe a little. be happy you were lucky enough to be know him, even if just through gw. because thats what he would want i feel

i dont know. :(
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man, today I referenced punching someone into the sun and realised it was Steel i got that phrase from. Made me sad
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What horrible news to return to.

Rest in peace, Steel, beloved patron and icon of GW.
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The Peorian:   well I think most people seek legacies
The Peorian:   some way to be permanent

Looking at the replies in this topic, I think in a way Steel got his legacy.

I can't say I was that close to Steel, but I know I will be missing him. He was a great person to work with on the Troubadours and I always enjoyed reading his well-thought posts, even if I rarely participated in the discussion myself.

Rest in peace, Steel.

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<Drule> it was pretty gross how I played on his didgeridoo

so wrong...
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Wow, I was kind of always hoping that this was some elaborate joke of some description. Obviously it isn't.

Steel was a younger man than many of us. I can't really say anything more than how unfair this is.
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Wait, WHAT

I know I haven't been keeping track of this topic (or around in GW), but I thought he got better? (And even post in some other topics?) Damn.

Well... uh, I don't have much to say (and perhaps better if I don't say anything) since I don't really know him and vice versa, but I enjoyed his posts in the old crapshack, definitely gave me a few laughs.

So yeah, Rest In Peace, Steel. 
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i keep trying to think of something to convey my thoughts but i cant

this is awful
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yeah man.  what?  what is even happening.  did this even man.  guarifj m  b im not being melodramatic.  words just fail me what do you even say here.  man.  :(