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Holy shit, I don't know what to say.
I hope you'll be fine.
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Sorry dude, I hope everything works out.
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I don't know what to say man. I'm really worried. You're the best guy. I don't know if there's anything I can do for you, but if you think of something, tell me.
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Get well soon steel, and don't give up hope.
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Please pull through, don't give up hope, stay strong.

I hope to God you'll be okay.
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Shit, I don't really know what to say but I hope you will be ok.

Be happy, don't get depressed about it.
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Holy fuck, man... I hope you'll be okay, you're a great guy and one of the main reasons I stuck around in GW and got more active. I can't really imagine what this must feel like for you, but good luck and hopefully it'll either be benign or you've caught it before it had a chance to spread...
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This must be... ugh I don't know. I have limitless respect for you and I expect you to kick this shit into the curb.
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My heart sank when I read through this topic. I usually don't give a shit about people I hear about in the lolinternet but damn... I actually care. I love you man... and I feel like I am a better person for knowing you. I hope this turns out to be a minor inconvenience that you later write into an epic three part saga about how you, Steel Paladine, defeated cancer.
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Wow, man, talk about FUCKED UP. This is really gay, because I have pretty much unlimited respect for you even if we've never really spoken or anything. Pull through this, goddamn it.
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Wow. I'm so sorry to hear that, I seriously hope you'll be okay. As much as I may have disagreed with you in the past and never even talked to you, you always have been my favorite member on here. I know you're not one to believe in such a thing, but I'll be praying for you. It's better than doing nothing, I guess. I really do hope it's nothing serious, though! :(
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My grandad had a whopper of a tumor in his ass last year (he was 81 then). My mother went over there to find him sitting in the garden on the bench just WINCING every few seconds and then she finds out that he hasn't been eating and my nan just accepted that because she's pretty nuts. Mum however smelled a rat right away and drove him to hospital and on the same day he was on the operating table diagnosed with "less than a day to live".

He had the operation and it was succesful but by the time he was out of hospital he'd lost all his body fat and he was really thin from not eating (for fear of it coming out the other end if you see what I mean). He was really depressed at that point because he has always been a really strong, grand-looking guy when he was younger and to be reduced to that was a real low blow for him but he always said "I'm not gonna let it get me down."

Gradually my mum has been able to get him eating again and a year later he's apparently stuffing back Snickers bars whilst my nan isn't looking and he can sort out his garden again. That's a 81 year old ex-paratrooper-engineer from World War II beating cancer - just goes to show you anything is possible. Seeing that has helped me overcome a lot of the depression I've been hiding under for about 4 years now.

Thing I've learnt from life is that if you hold someone in high regard or even if you love them they tend to get something horrible wrong with them like a suspicious tumor. I don't know if you have it in the US but in the UK we call this "Sod's law" (e.g. "If anything can go wrong, it will" - due to bad luck).  Best thing to do is to ignore Sod's Law and don't let things get you down and I believe that you can kick cancer's ass.

(We believe in you man)
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This is terrible... Don't let it get to you.
I can't possibly know how the fuck you feel right now so I have no idea what to say(other than OH GOD PLEASE DON'T DIE AGHHHHHHHH). Be strong.
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I usually don't give a shit about people I hear about in the lolinternet but damn... I actually care.

This. I may have not said much to you but you've been a sort of secret inspiration to me in my days of lurking here in GW.

Good luck Steel. (and sorry if that sounded too...strange for you)
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fuck, just fuck.

this is absolutely terrible, but fuck it, i refuse to even think for one second its cancer. you're a great guy, and you're going to be okay, i know it.

you just have to make sure you stay okay through this.
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this is just terrible, goddamn. you know how much i appriciate and respect you so just stay strong man!

it's funny, even if i am reading the topic for the second time my mind still doesn't seem to accept the idea that YOU of all people would possibly have a cancer.
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OK well I read this topic sometime this morning, and it's evening now. Would've said something sooner but I've honestly not been able to (plus I was at work).

I mean shit, for a second there I thought/hoped this would be some kinda prank or experiment on your part, but I soon realised that someone like you would never do such a thing. That's the thing, you're one of the best damn people, and I know this sort of subject is not one you'd take lightly. Holy mother of fuck this has had me kind of upset for most of the day. You are definitely one of the people who deserves this shit the least pal!! I wish we had something more than just hope here because I don't want shit like this for you man.
I know--I'm not saying very good things right now, but it's kind of hard to get everything in order here. I'm tired, and worried as all hell of course. Here's hoping that things turn out ok. I've asked for your thoughts, opinions and advice for a few years now, and I wanna be able to bug you again for em.
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Out of the one people I know who've had cancer, all one of them have recovered. If you ruin this success rate by dying I'll fucking kill you.

God speed.......
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Fuck dude, this is awful.  You're one of my favorite GW members, dude.  Like other people said though, if it does turn out to be cancer (or whatever it is really) then KICK THAT FUCKING CANCERS ASS man. 

Ugh I am pissed at my ability to think of things to say other than that.  So I guess I'll just say GET BETTER man.
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I'm finding myself to be at a loss of words over this. Cancer.. That's heavy.

I guess all I can say is good luck Steel, and I wish you the best, man.